Who will want to read Car & Van Funding?

Car & Van Funding is a data driven digital marketing channel aimed at senior executives in the functions of risk and funding, vehicle management and procurement within the UK leasing and finance sector.

Understanding the funding market

Leasing and vehicle finance is booming – the market is a vibrant one helping businesses and individuals access new cars and vans. But the landscape is changing, moulded by the combined forces of industry regulation and changing perceptions of what’s required to keep a workforce mobile.

Car & Van Funding aims to keep leasing and finance executives up to date with what is happening in the leasing and finance sector, offering intelligent analysis of trends, latest manufacturer developments and interviews with key executives and decision makers in the market.

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Who should receive it?

Executives from these companies…
  • Leasing Companies
  • Leasing Brokers
  • Daily Rental Companies
  • Finance Houses
  • Dealerships


…in the following functions:
  • Purchasing
  • SMR
  • Risk Management
  • Pricing
  • RV Setting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
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